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The Best Alpaca Sock

The Best Alpaca Sock. Start with Alpaca and there you have an incredible fiber than is unbeatable, I’ll tell you why. Alpaca fiber is incredibly fine, 25% finer than wool and 8X stronger, making alpaca socks lighter, warmer, stronger, and more comfortable. It is soft to the skin, a fiber that naturally wicks away moisture… Read more »

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Alpaca Fiber Characteristics

Alpaca fiber is a natural renewable fiber with a wide range of applications. It is classified as an animal protein fiber like sheep’s wool, mohair, cashmere, llama, vicuna, camel, qiviut, and yak. There are, however, special characteristics in alpaca fiber that set it apart from all the other animal protein fibers. At the microscopic level,… Read more »

How do I get Started owning Alpacas?

How do you get started with your Alpaca Business? What if you don’t have land? What if you need to get your land ready? So you have contemplated owning Alpacas, and need land or need to get your land ready, what can you do to get started with your alpacas? You can agist with us!… Read more »

Farm to Table Event

Sentinel Ranch hosted our first Farm to Table Dinner featuring local ingredients! We had 36 guests and were able to honor a group of Georgics (caring for the land and it’s production) Students who completed a year of study and projects. The students had a chance to share some of what they learned and the… Read more »

Knitting on the Sound

We were asked to participate in a great event put on by Mary Lovejoy. Mary brought a group of knitters together for Knit Yoga on Cama Beach. The scenery was fantastic, friends were close, Yoga brought serenity, and lunch was divine! Donna King participated and made us all a sumptuous lunch. I felt spoiled! What… Read more »

Boutique Remodel Complete!

Autumn of 2015 we began a remodel on the Monitor Barn, as a new location for the Alpaca Boutique! Remember the trailer from the previous year? It’s gone to a new home- hooray! The whole family worked the autumn months changing a storage space into a lovely ranch store! Renee cleaned, nailed, and grandpa even… Read more »


In the next week we are planning on listing all of our showstring for the 2014 fall shows, and 2015 spring shows. Watch for the listing to include: Sire, Dam, Color, Sex, and Price! Yes we will list all of them for sale, so when you see the one you just need to have, contact… Read more »

Cesarean Section!?!

I know you’ve had a Dam like this- 364 days– where’s that cria?! I have a wonderful white Dam I just love, and of course was waiting on one of the most expensive breedings of the previous year- sound familiar? Well I had my eye on this gal for weeks, and finally at 362 days… Read more »

Cria crop summer

Summer is always enjoyable on the ranch especially when those greatly anticipated and well planned cria start to hit the ground! The weather has been exceptionally fine on our ranch this summer, lots of sun and alpacas of all ages enjoying vitamin D naps! Isn’t it funny to pass by an alpaca deep in sleep-… Read more »