How do I get Started owning Alpacas?

How do you get started with your Alpaca Business or ownership? What if you don’t have land? What if you need to get your land ready?

We recommend you visit the ranch for an exclusive tour while we discuss your desires for alpaca ownership, care, prices, what to expect, and answer all your questions.

Questions to Consider:

What do you see yourself doing with your alpacas? Luxury fiber animals to process your own yarn? Do you want to resell your product? Do you want to expand your herd with having breeding animals? Do you plan to show your alpacas? Just think about it and if you aren’t sure we would love to chat with you and help you plan what is right for you.

Land not ready? You can agist with us! What does agisting mean and what is your first step? Agisting means you purchase your alpacas and they stay on our ranch. Agisting on our ranch means we take care of your new alpacas as if they were our own, feeding them, husbandry and care, including breeding them if you desire. The benefits to agisting is that you can begin to own alpacas while learning about them, being mentored by us, visiting (anytime you wish) our working ranch, and at the same time you are building your business, acquiring your land, or making it ready for your herd. We have found this accommodation to work very well for you as the new owners as you have a chance to shadow us on routine care and learn about management and care, or just enjoy a beautiful sunny day in the field with your alpacas. We also will help you tune your business plan and help you make it a venture that works for you.

What if you prefer to live near your job? Can you still own alpacas? YES! We also provide “Lifetime” agisting for those folks who want alpacas yet live in the city. You can come and see your alpacas and even run your own alpaca business while your alpacas live on our ranch. We would be happy to discuss arrangements with you, contact us to ask how easy it is!

We have multiple clients who have taken advantage of agisting on our Ranch. Folks reasons and situations vary greatly, but it can all work! We have folks who choose alpacas, then let them stay on the ranch until they are set up, even if it means years. We have clients who agist for a few months, and those who are “lifetime” agistors. We even agist alpacas from other ranches.

We are happy to work with you and help you get started with owning alpacas. We are very open about our business, what has worked for us and how we are successful. We want to see you be successful as well. We love to mentor.

Send us an email or give us a call. We would love to put together a group of alpacas just for you, come to the ranch and select your perfect alpacas.

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