Alpaca Meat


Vaccum sealed packages
Half pound plus pakages

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Shipping and Handling
Shipping out Monday, Tuesday or Wednesdays. Will be shipped frozen. Shelf stable several days.

Product Description
Enjoy this delicious and “pure” meat. Alpaca is a mild and slightly sweet meat that takes on the flavors of the spices used in a palate pleasing way. Our alpacas are grass fed, no hormones, and not genetically modified! This meat is easily digested, very lean and healthy.

The Landjeagars are a thick stick with a lot of meat to it, fantastic flavor! My personal favorite is the Rustic Smokey.

Pepperoni Sticks are about as thick as a mans finger. Excellent flavor!

Our meats were processed by a wild game guy who is very well known, excellent job with all of his exotic meats. He has figured our a way to make all of his meats WITHOUT a casing, so all you are eating is just the meat and spices!

Note: Meats are processed as shelf stable and can be on the counter for several days. Recommended to be refrigerated or re-frozen if saving for longer that 6 weeks.
We ship frozen in vaccume sealed bags, early in the week so they can get to you within a few days. If you need special shipping long distance, we will need to charge for dry ice. Please let us know in the notes of your order.

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