Alpaca My Belly Meat Cuts Box


Cuts include: Chops, Tenderlion, Osco Busco, Stew, Ground, and Organ meats by request

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All meat needs to be picked up at our Ranch location or at The Market: AlpacaLand Store at 730 Boardwalk Ave. Ste 104  Bozeman, Mt 59718. Bring a cooler when purchasing large quantities. We do have insulated bags available if you are needing one while you do several errands before returning home.

Product Description

Your Choice of Meat box type! Pick up either 10, 25, 0r 50 pounds of Alpaca meat. Choose your meat cuts and flavors. This is a 10% discount, and 15% off with the he 50lb box.

Enjoy this delicious and “pure” meat. Alpaca is a mild and slightly sweet meat that takes on the flavors of the spices used in a palate pleasing way. Our alpacas are grass fed, no hormones, and not genetically modified! This meat is easily digested, very lean and healthy.

Our meats are processed locally at Amsterdam Meats.

Note: Smoked Meats are processed as shelf stable and can be on the counter for several days. Recommended to be refrigerated or re-frozen if saving for longer that 6 weeks.

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