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Each year we like to attend Alpaca shows which give us the chance to teach the kids showmanship, competition rules, and animal handling and care. We also get to test our breeding program with other breeders all across the USA. Shows are a big expense every year, and exhibitors do NOT earn prize money like other animal competitions. We do this purely to test our breeding decisions and allow the kids a chance to learn in this unique setting.

$250 Ranch Sponsor

Sponsors training, and contributes to show fees.

$500 Alpaca Sponsor

Sponsors an alpaca at show, this covers registration fees, transport, and feed

$1000 Youth Showman

Sponsors a youth showmanship fees, registration, travel costs

$3000 Diamond Alpaca Sponsor

Sponsors all alpacas showing from our ranch, pay for registration fees, transport, feed

$5000 Platinum Sponsor

Sponsors one full competition show and covers all show fees, travel, feed, transport and lodging.

We have always enjoyed the opportunity to train our alpacas, take classes (many offered at show competitions), and meet with our fellow breeders while we talk about what we are doing to improve our breeding decisions each year for healthy, happy, and well producing alpacas. We are always volunteering in some position to help the shows run smoothly and giving youth an opportunity to compete.

If you would like sponsor recognition on our show pen, please call me and we will proudly hang your sponsor banner in our alpaca pens.

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$250, $500, $1000, $3000, $5000


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