Donate: Warming Room



This donation is slated for the Warming Room in the main barn. We will be finishing the interior of this room with electricity, insulation, a heated waterer, heated rom, and a draining floor. This project will cost between $6,000-$20,000. Our goal was to have this room completed during the warm summer months and do much of the work ourselves. We will need to hire our for the concrete pour and drain system.

This room is for Cria (babies) born during a cold snap or cold months of the year. We are excited to add this feature to our ranch to better care for our herd with better facilities than we currently have. This will help cria thrive and be better equipped to handle the cold winter.

We appreciate your generosity!  During the Covid 19 pandemic, we have realized we need to ask for help and allow others the chance to be part of something good for our Alpacas. Thank you!


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