The Best Alpaca Sock.

Alpaca Ski Sock

Start with Alpaca and there you have an incredible fiber than is unbeatable, I’ll tell you why.

Alpaca fiber is incredibly fine, 25% finer than wool and 8X stronger, making alpaca socks lighter, warmer, stronger, and more comfortable. It is soft to the skin, a fiber that naturally wicks away moisture taking your sweat off your foot, keeping you comfortable on a warm day or insulated on a cold one.

Alpaca vs Wool. Why do other socks stink after wearing? Because wool, cotton and other fibers absorb moisture and hold it next to the skin, yuck! They irritate your skin and smell after wear. Wool also contains Lanolin which has a smell all its own, also many folks find lanolin on their allergen list.

Alpaca is Hypoallergenic, has excellent insulation properties, is a natural, sustainable, green fiber being shorn each year. An excellent choice for the environment, plus your performance and comfort needs.

Alpaca socks are machine washable! Yes, you can even hand wash, or rinse them in the stream and hang dry while on an outdoor adventure.

Should I buy 100% Alpaca Sock?
Blends are better. Here’s why: you need performance and durability in a sock that fits your foot, plus washes a multitude of times. What are the best other fibers to blend with the alpaca to create the best performing sock? Well that depends on end use. Dress Sock, Hiker Sock, Ski Sock, Diabetic Sock, Casual Sock, etc.

Lycra and Spandex are great fibers that give elasticity and memory, holding it in place, keeping it surrounding your foot in just the right way for the perfect performance of the end sock.

Nylon. Excellent strength, luster, hypoallergenic, smooth and light weight.

Microfiber is thinner, soft, moisture wicking fiber. Easy to clean blends well with other fibers.

I would not recommend cotton or wool as they both absorb moisture, trapping sweat or the puddle you hiked through, and forcing the fibers to ‘stick’ to your skin.

Alpaca Blend socks are the way to go!
Click on our Alpaca Sock Shopping pages and you will find dress socks for work, church, or a night out. Ski socks and hiking socks that perform! Winter socks for the ultimate thermal properties. Summer socks for those who love the short yet highly performing sock. Want more options? Call us or Shop our Store location at Sentinel Ranch Alpacas for 20+ sock varieties.

Researched and Written by
Anne Gullion
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